The best thing a Dad can do.

We’ve all heard this quote… it may have even warmed our souls a fraction… but Dads, reread it. It’s truth is real, it’s truth impacts directly on our children’s happiness, on their sense of self…It’s so easy to put other things ahead of our marriages… work, stuff, kids… especially kids…. But we forget- our children gain a significant degree of their security from the stability of their parents relationship… Focus on your marriage and watch as things in your family fall back into place… Our Fab Father Friday series has come to an end for now, but by focusing on these words, you will reap the benefits for your entire family for years to come. Dads, go home, pick up some flowers, take your wife on a date night, make her a cup of tea, pour her a glass of wine, tell her you love her, tell her you appreciate her- in front of your children… make her the center of your world, and watch as your children thrive…


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