A simple challenge which will have a profound impact….

Welcome to Marvellous Moms Mondays! Today is just a simple challenge… a simple challenge which will have a profound impact… It’s a mom thing… all too often we prioritize the ‘important’ yet nonessential aspects of home-management over the opportunities for fun and laughter…

There always seems to be something drawing us in… sapping our time… our energy…. The holler of the mounting dishes, the pile of creased laundry, the unanswered emails, the phone call that ‘has’ to be made, the tidying of some sort… the thing we just have to do that can’t wait…. Too often these things take preference… For some of us, we may even feel that ‘we can leave the fun to dads’, but remember, moms, what makes memories, and what ignites souls, both ours and our children’s, is not the dishes or the emails, or the other nonessential essentials…. Yes, those must get done, but they shouldn’t always take priority… Too often, they do, and at times without even realizing it we use them as an excuse… not to have fun, not to connect….So this week, I challenge you to have more fun with your children… even just once…Bake a cake, run around the garden, play UNO, whack a cricket ball, have tea with teddies, attempt tree climbing, jump in the pool, read a ‘giggle inducing’ story together, sip a chocolate milkshake, flip pancakes….even if all you can grab is a few minutes, make them count towards the jar of memories. Moments of giggling, laughter, connection, delight… make these a priority…embrace them, absorb them… because when you look back on life, and when your children evaluate theirs, the best parts, the memorable parts, the parts that really matter, will be the ones smothered in a sense of joy and belonging alongside those closest to your heart… As you create these moments, please share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear more about them. May your week be weighted with creating lasting memories of happiness and delight. Have a Marvellous Monday!

With motherly love

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