Shifting the mindset and harnessing the magic of ADHD

A 2-Part Workshop for Parents and Educators

Is ADHD on the rise? Is it over-diagnosed? Or are we as society just becoming more and more aware of it? While more boys seem to be diagnosed than girls, up to 75% of girls and women with ADHD go undiagnosed.


Here's the thing...

Like so many things in life, ADHD urgently requires a reframe. If you or your child has this diagnosis, it’s time to recognise and embrace the incredible gifts it brings along with it. 


ADHD isn’t a doomed diagnosis and for so many, their success in life is because of it, not despite it. 


I only realised I had ADHD in my 40’s. It was as if suddenly all the life in which I had always felt so different lit up like a Christmas tree. It made sense! 


As massively frustrating as some of the challenges can be at times, instead of letting them get me rattled, I've learned that there are ways to navigate these while still harnessing the awesome superpowers of ADHD. 


The golden key in my own journey has been fully understanding all things to do with this difference in thinking.

Naomi Holdt Psychology - ADHD Workshop


Understanding your own and/or your child’s ADHD in order to be able to reframe this diagnosis as a positive one 

Empowering yourself with tools to better understand and support your ADHD child at home and in the classroom

Reframing ADHD into a superpower and help your child identify their their strengths

What's included:

A 2-Part Workshop (Run time approx 180mins)

A 28min training on Tools for All Ages

Practical strategies for dealing with ADHD in the home and in the classroom

Eating for Calm: A Guest Training by Dietician Fran Steart

Unlimited access to the recordings

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"I just want to say a huge thank you for your talks – the insight that they have given thus far has been invaluable. Also, the light bulb moments have been amazing – I am sitting with my book of everything we need to apply in our home."

Natalie - Parent

What is covered?

  • 1 What is ADHD, really and what's happening in an ADHD brain?
  • 2 Understanding the challenges: Social, emotional, cognitive without shame and harnessing the Superpowers of ADHD
  • 3 Why is life so exhausting for the ADHD brain
  • 4 Strategies to make life simpler
  • 5 Challenges and tools for parenting and teaching an ADHD child
  • 6 Social media and the ADHD brain
  • 7 Strategies for ADHD in adults
  • 8 The critical importance of boundaries for the ADHD brain
  • 9 And more...


"Thank you so much for such an empowering session last night. I already feel that I have more insight into my anxious child."

Stacey - Parent

This IS for you if you want to...

Free yourself and/or your child of the negative stigma associated with an ADHD diagnosis

Recognise ADHD's superpowers and learn how to harness them

You want the tools to put successful strategies in place to fully support your ADHD child (and yourself)

Meet your expert

hi there,

I'm Naomi Holdt

Wife and mother of two young children. I am a psychologist, author and speaker with over 20 years of experience in education, educational psychology and psychotherapy with a special interest in the emotional well-being of children and young adults.


With an initial teaching background, I've gained insightful knowledge of the role of both parents and teachers in supporting, nurturing and helping young people reach their potential.


I graduated cum laude with an MA in Educational Psychology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and run my private practice in Hilton, South Africa.

I've spoken countrywide and my online parenting courses have now reached an international following.


"Thank you, it has been hugely enlightening and jam-packed with information!"

Blake, Parent

My experience with ADHD...

Millions of adults and children around the globe have been diagnosed with ADHD, and the number seems to be growing.


Is ADHD on the rise?

Is it being over diagnosed?

Or are we, as society, just becoming more and more aware of it?


While more boys seem to be diagnosed than girls, up to 75% of girls and women with ADHD go undiagnosed. I frequently have devastated, despairing parents come and chat to me and say something along the lines of “Naomi, my child has just been given a diagnosis of ADHD!” Their hopelessness stemming from the fact that this diagnosis is all too often paired with pathology, disorder, impairment and challenges.


Here’s what my response has been: 


“ADHD! That’s AMAZING!” 


Why? Because yes, absolutely there are challenges that come along with having ADHD traits, but we don’t talk about the flip side of the coin - within those challenges lie great talents. When we know how to support these challenges, we can harness all the many superpowers that this diagnoses holds. 

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