The virus continues to rage… Community members and loved ones are being taken from us… We’ve been left feeling pretty helpless and utterly devastated… There is something about human nature… As soon as we are helping, we no longer feel the complete disempowerment that comes from helplessness…

We are well on our way to collecting what we need for our Frontline Workers Care Packages…

But we still need your help to complete 1000 goodie bags. As a community, we are not powerless. Every little item will help us reach our goal.

Please help us collect these encouragements for our frontline heroes:

*Cappuccino Sticks
*Bottled water
*Energy bars
*Bubble bath
*Hand cream
*Lip Ice/ Lip Gloss
*Scented Candles
*Energy Drinks
*Any self care/ spoil goodies
*Individually wrapped treats
*Vouchers for meals
*Notes of encouragement
*Kids pictures/ letters to frontline workers
*Anything else you can think of!

Mediclinic Pietermaritzburg

Despite the multiple obstacles we have to face daily in our small town. One thing is guaranteed, when help is needed you can count on the community to be there. We received word that our healthcare workers are feeling hopeless during these times, forgotten even.

A group of community members are determined to lift the spirits of these hardworking healthcare workers. Tonight a small group of us met outside Mediclinic Southern Africa in PMB with lit candles in hand and uplifting songs,hoping to cheer on our Covid-19 rockstars.

Together we are hoping to spoil some healthcare workers with a care bag.

To every healthcare worker, please know that you haven’t been forgotten and that we are so proud of you all.