Raising Resilient Kids in an upside-down world

120min Masterclass by Naomi Holdt

This masterclass is designed for parents of kids and teens who want to understand what’s at the core of raising resilient children and to learn how to make simple changes that will have a direct and long-term impact on their children’s capacity for resilience.


If you're a parent ...

... then you're very much aware of the tremendous our challenges facing our kids and teens in our upside-down world.

These have increased significantly over the past few years and now, more than ever our focus needs to be on raising resilient children who can overcome whatever challenges come their way in life.

We can’t control the road ahead (we’ve been reminded of that so powerfully since the pandemic began three years ago), but we can prepare our children for it.

Raising Resilient Kids-Naomi Holdt Psychologist
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... understanding the things that really matter to your child and teen and having the confidence to parent according to your child’s emotional needs.

... knowing what small changes you can make in your home to empower your children in the not-so-smooth journey of life.

... having the tools to build self-esteem and strengthen parent/child relationships

I share all of this (and so much more) in this 120min Masterclass.

What is included:

120-minute masterclass

Lifetime access to the recording

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"Thank you for an excellent and eye-opening session/presentation at Trinity House Heritage College."

Thabiso - Parent

What is covered?

  • 1 Is resilience all about GRIT and what does that mean?
  • 2 Rates of anxiety and depression have escalated rapidly among all age groups. What role does resilience play in curbing these rates?
  • 3 What role does genetics play in resilience?
  • 4 What do mindfulness, play and marriage have to do with resilience?
  • 5 15 simple and actionable steps to building resilience within children and teens - changes that you can start implementing in your home immediately


"Thank you so much for the insights last night. I will strive daily to create a resilient home."

Amanda - Parent

This IS for you if you're a parent who wants to...

Give your child the best chance at coping independently in a demanding world

Nourish your child’s mental and emotional health and well-being into adulthood

Raise a child who is independent and has a good self-esteem

Deepen your relationship with your child and teen

Meet your expert

hi there,

I'm Naomi Holdt

Wife and mother of two young children. I am a psychologist, author and speaker with over 20 years of experience in education, educational psychology and psychotherapy with a special interest in the emotional well-being of children and young adults.

With an initial teaching background, I've gained insightful knowledge of the role of both parents and teachers in supporting, nurturing and helping young people reach their potential.

I graduated cum laude with an MA in Educational Psychology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and run my private practice in Hilton, South Africa.

I've spoken countrywide and my online parenting courses have now reached an international following.

Your investment is just...


$35 $30


"Thank you, Naomi. Attended both sessions yesterday as an educator and parent, and they were awesome! So many golden nuggets."

Julie Maill, Parent and Educator - Trinity House Glenvista

Why raise "resilient kids"?

In an upside-down world, our children are so much more vulnerable and depression amongst the youth has sky-rocketed to astronomical levels.

About eight years ago I conducted an educational assessment on a young man (Let’s call him Mark) who had significant learning difficulties. Apart from his learning challenges, I also detected severe depression and in the feedback session with his parents, I recommended that this should be treated with medication and psychotherapy. 

To my knowledge, his parents followed through on this recommendation and I heard nothing more, until about eight months later when I received an email from a family member of his. It was short and concise and conveyed the most devastating news... Mark had committed suicide.

It was at that point, that my ponderings on this monumental topic led me to the same, simple conclusion.

Enrol now for this life-altering Masterclass where I share these thoughts with you.

“Life is not about how fast you run, or how high you climb but how well you bounce”

Vivian Komori