Loving Your Empath Self

Masterclass by Naomi Holdt

This masterclass is designed for Empaths who want to understand themselves better, embrace their empath gifts and learn tools to build resilience against toxic people & relationships.


If you're an empath ...

... there's a good chance that you're a deep and emotionally complex person, and perhaps throughout your life, you have often felt misunderstood.

You probably tend to feel different, yet don’t know why. You may even wonder why you always have to take your own car to social functions or why you feel completely exhausted and ratty after a trip to a busy mall. As an empath, you feel emotions intensely - your own and other peoples. This can be overwhelming and exhausting.


Naomi Holdt - Loving your empath self masterclass
Naomi Holdt - Loving your empath self masterclass


Empowering yourself to live a life of confidence and freedom without anxiety.

Being able to care about others without becoming emotionally exhausted.

Understanding your emotional needs as being normal and putting these first without feeling guilty.

Having the tools to stop toxic relationships and energy vampires.

All these are more than possible when you understand and love your Empath self.

What is included:

110-minute masterclass.

Lifetime access to the recording by enrolling now.

Naomi Holdt - Loving your empath self masterclass


"Naomi always comes with very relevant content, which she manages to impart in an entertaining but informative manner. She is a wonderful speaker and combines humour with a sensible and informative delivery. She is always topical and can be asked to share on a wide variety of topics from staff development to counselling and will do so with aplomb. She is able to demystify complex concepts for a varied audience. Naomi is warm and caring, and her sincerity and very real intention to make a difference is obvious. We are always left better people after one of her presentations."

Andrew Graaf, PRINCIPAL, Pietermaritzburg Girls’ High School

What is covered?

  • 1 Why the "Understanding Why" is so important
  • 2 What science tells us about the brain of the Empath
  • 3 Everyday struggles of the Empath (Including why you need to take your car to social gatherings)
  • 4 Why you feel alone and why you’re actually not
  • 5 Why gifts can feel like curses and how to turn these around
  • 6 What empaths need to thrive in relationships
  • 7 Why there is such a strong connection between empaths and narcissists
  • 8 How to put healthy boundaries in place and get out of toxic relationships


"Naomi is the most humble person, with a wealth of knowledge. Her wisdom is shared in such a well-balanced but enthusiastic and passionate way."

Beyonifer Mc Gee - Director at Good Enuf Enterprises

This IS for you if you're...

Highly empathetic.

Impacted on by the emotions of others.

Prone to exhaustion, burnout, depression, and anxiety because of your compassion.

Struggle to say “No” to requests and social invitations.

Feel guilty for any act of self-care.

This is NOT for you if you...

Fully understand yourself as an empath.

Can prioritize self-care without feeling any guilt.

Are already able to put healthy boundaries in place in your relationships.

Don't feel drained or impacted on by the emotional space of others.

Know how to decompress and be your best self.

Meet your expert

hi there,

I'm Naomi Holdt

Naomi is a psychologist, author and speaker with over 20 years experience in education, educational psychology and psychotherapy with a special interest in the emotional well being of children and young adults. With an initial teaching background she has insightful knowledge on the role of both parents and teachers in supporting, nurturing and helping young people reach their potential.

Naomi qualified cum laude with an MA in Educational Psychology from University of KwaZulu-Natal and is in private practice in Hilton, South Africa. She has spoken countrywide and her online parenting courses have now reached an international following. Naomi is a mother of two young children and regards this as a privilege and her most important role.


"You are a very talented, energetic, and passionate speaker and it showed throughout your presentation.  In short, you were a breath of fresh air, and you lifted our spirits enormously."

Shayleen Shum, PRINCIPAL, Forest View

My empath journey...

Just the other day someone commented that they couldn't believe how much more confident I was within myself than a few years ago. I put this primarily down to one thing- learning to understand myself as an Empath. I see it in the kids and teens that I work with too, many of whom initially present with overwhelming feelings of depression and anxiety. I was one of them. I spent most of my life not understanding myself AT ALL, and as a result, always feeling like there was something wrong with me, like I was a misfit, like I didn't belong.

Learning to understand myself as an Empath, and with that the challenges and the gifts, has been the greatest gift I have given myself on an absolutely eye-opening journey. 

I would love to share this with you. I've learnt to put boundaries in place, to avoid toxic relationships (and how to get out of them), to confidently ask for what I need from others without feeling guilty, to understand the source of my emotional overwhelm (often other people's stress) and learn how to decompress at these times. 

Join me for this life changing Masterclass - Loving Your Empath Self.


"Incredible webinar – I continue to be blown away by your content and thoughtful delivery."

Raising Empaths Masterclass attendee