psychologist Naomi Holdt

Naomi qualified with a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology (cum laude) from UKZN. Prior to this, she was an educator and completed her undergrad and honours degrees in Education from Stellenbosch University.


Naomi has over 20 years of experience working with children, teenagers, and young adults in various contexts, including therapy and classroom settings. She has a particular interest in attachment, building resilience, and conquering anxiety. Her work has focussed on healing from trauma, building self-esteem, and helping both adults and children navigate the challenges of modern life. Naomi is sought after for parenting advice and strives to ensure families become safe, functional spaces for parents and children to thrive and live with authentic connections.



Naomi is a psychologist, author and speaker with over 20 years experience in education, educational psychology and psychotherapy with a special interest in the emotional well - being of children and young adults. With an initial teaching background she has insightful knowledge on the role of both parents and teachers in supporting, nurturing and helping young people reach their potential.

Naomi qualified cum laude with an MA in Educational Psychology from University of KwaZulu-Natal and is in private practice in Hilton, South Africa. She has spoken countrywide and her online parenting courses have now reached an international following. Naomi is a mother of two young children and regards this as a privilege and her most important role.