fusion: understanding & managing anxiety

4-week Online Course Starts 14 November '23

Anxiety is an epidemic that’s crippling our society at an alarming rate and across the globe. This results in families becoming disconnected and disempowered, leaving all of us helpless and unequipped with the right tools to effectively manage our anxiety.


If you are...

... struggling with anxiety, the impact of the pandemic and the resulting trauma has had devastating impacts on the mental health of our world. Rates of anxiety and depression have escalated in all age groups. This has been mostly evident in our children and teens from the youngest ages. 

As disempowering as anxiety can be, it IS possible to move from fear to freedom. This 4-week live course promises to be filled-to-the-brim with invaluable parenting advice, how to handle sensitive situations and how to move through complex emotions you, your children or students may experience.

Naomi Holdt Psychologist-Understanding Anxiety in Kids and Teens


Being empowered with a deep understanding of the neurological and physical disconnection caused by anxiety and why the integration of mind and body is essential in healing

Feeling equipped with lifestyle strategies to help you control the degree of your anxiety

Integrating the concept of fusion into your life to such a degree that you're able to move beyond crippling panic

Being able to change the cognitive distortions that underly so much of your anxiety

Owning a powerful set of tools that actually work to help you manage your anxiety

What is included:

4x 90min Live Group Sessions on Zoom

1x Guest Expert training

A Q&A at the end of each session 

The complete Fusion workbook containing exercises, tools and tips to help you manage your anxiety

The 90 Second Parenting 7-Part series (Value: $20)

Access to Navigating Big Emotions in Kids & Teens - The Masterclass (Value: $24)

Practical strategies for dealing with anxiety

Replays will be available and you'll have lifetime access to the recordings



"I just want to say a huge thank you for your talks – the insight that they have given thus far has been invaluable. Also, the light bulb moments have been amazing – I am sitting with my book of everything we need to apply in our home."

Natalie - Parent

What is covered?

  • 1 14 Nov - Knowledge is Empowerment: Understanding the Basics
  • 2 21 Nov - Trauma, Anxiety and Depression
  • 3 28 Nov - The Power of Thought
  • 4 5 Dec - Getting Specific

Each week's session is delivered LIVE, on Zoom and starts @ 7:30pm SAST. Recordings are uploaded to your course hub within 24hrs, and you'll have access to the content for life.


"Thank you so much for such an empowering session last night. I already feel that I have more insight into my anxious child."

Stacey - Parent

This IS for you if you want to...

Understand anxiety and know how to fully support yourself, your child or your students

Understand how trauma impacts anxiety and what to do about it

Manage your own anxiety and learn practical tools to minimise the impact of this on those around you

Build your confidence and self-esteem

Radically change lifestyle choices that are fueling your anxiety

Equip yourself for the best chance of living a life free of anxiety and depression

Meet your expert

hi there,

I'm Naomi Holdt

Wife and mother of two young children. I am a psychologist, author and speaker with over 20 years of experience in education, educational psychology and psychotherapy with a special interest in the emotional well-being of children and young adults.


With an initial teaching background, I've gained insightful knowledge of the role of both parents and teachers in supporting, nurturing and helping young people reach their potential.


I graduated cum laude with an MA in Educational Psychology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and run my private practice in Hilton, South Africa.

I've spoken countrywide and my online parenting courses have now reached an international following.

Your investment...

"Thank you, it has been hugely enlightening and jam-packed with information!"

Blake, Parent

CAN I Overcome Anxiety?

Childhood trauma creates the perfect foundation for anxiety. This was me.


Although I didn’t grow up ever having a word to describe what was causing the constant state of hyperarousal, the jitteriness, the nervous system dysregulation and all the rest of the symptoms that are as clear as daylight to me as a psychologist now, I knew I grew up feeling like I was constantly walking on eggshells and living waiting for the axe to fall.


I had plenty of challenges along the way: I struggled with through-the-roof performance anxiety, I was never able to reach my potential due to being in a constant state of fear, I suffered from stomach ulcers, a weak immune system and lived in fear.


The list is endless (as well as soul-destroying!). I was plagued for decades with the voice of that harsh inner critic that results in severe cognitive distortions and is so often a significant part of anxiety.


No one gave me a word for what I was experiencing. I felt like no one understood it.


That was utterly disempowering.


And then… I began my journey of healing, of understanding, of uncovering the WHY’s and the roots of my anxiety. When we know our WHY’s, it’s so much easier to find our WAY. This is exactly what I did, and it’s the journey I take my patients of all ages on. The awesome thing about the neuroplasticity of the brain is that we can CHANGE old wiring.


My journey has been liberating and unbelievably freeing, and this is what I will teach you in this four-week course. We’ll go on a journey of understanding, recognising, and changing neurological wiring. It's powerful!


I will also guide you on embracing a  lifestyle that supports healthy mental health, teach you how to question cognitive distortions and habits and uncover the reasons we self-sabotage. We’ll look at trauma and anxiety, anger and anxiety, depression and anxiety and so much more.


This has proven to be an invaluable four-week course, and I can’t wait to share it with you. You’ll also get all the inside info on how I manage my anxiety, and how I guide my children and patients with power-packed tools.


When I look back on my childhood, I wish that someone had seen me… given me the tools… that someone had helped me understand myself… YOU can do this for yourself and the kids and teens in your care.


This course will empower you on your journey with anxiety, and enable you to support and understand your children and teens too.


The results have been incredible, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

"Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little deep to find it"

Tori Amos

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Naomi Holdt Psychologist - Understanding Anxiety in Kids and Teens
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We start on Tuesday, 14 November @ 7:30pm SAST